Community involvement works against senseless acts of violence

Stop the Violence movements such as Take A Stand Committee provide organizations, communities, and individuals with the knowledge and tools required to mobilize to prevent violence against our young citizens. We look to the violence against youth movement to keep the reality of the problem and the vision of the solution before us. We believe that all forms of oppression are interconnected.

Social justice work in the areas of race, class, gender, age, and sexual orientation are all critical to ending violence against our children.

We Need Your Help So The Works of Kayla Foster & other Youth Have Built Up Will Live On…


The term community has two distinct meanings: 1) Community can refer to a usually small, social unit of any size that shares common values. 2) in biology, a community is a group of interacting living organisms sharing a populated environment.


Outreach is providing services to people who might not otherwise have those services. A key component is that the groups are not stationary, but mobile; meeting those in need of outreach services at the locations where those in need are.


A partnership, an arrangement in which parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.


Specific answers to or way of answering problems; acts or processes of solving problems.

The unique set of values that yield a true statement when substituted for the variables in ANY given equation.


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